Clumsy Ninja MOD APK v1.33.2 Download 2023 [Unlimited Coins, Gems]

Clumsy Ninja MOD APK – Clumsy Ninja (MOD, Unlimited Money) is a hilarious arcade game that will make you laugh heartily and eliminate any feelings of dullness. There will be a small ninja disciple available for you to train. He was very clumsy at first, but after understanding his training and honing his skills, he became a very strong ninja. Play with them in various minigames to earn coins that may be used to purchase a variety of items and objects that it can interact with. Any player will be won over by the stunning and realistic graphics, and you won’t need to get accustomed to the straightforward and clear controls.

Information About Clumsy Ninja MOD APK

App Name Clumsy Ninja MOD APK
Latest Version 1.33.2
Size 158 MB
Developed By NaturalMotionGames Ltd
Platform Android
Worldwide Downloads 10 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Free Gems
Updated 2 days ago
Votes 1635426
Ratings 4.8
Category Adventure
Get the original app on Google Play

Clumsy Ninja MOD Game Overview

Players will meet a special ninja apprentice in the game who aspires to become the next great ninja master. But this guy has one flaw: much of his training doesn’t go well for him because of his excessive clumsiness.

As a result, you’ll have to put in a lot of work to teach him how to be a ninja. Take him through numerous drills using various tools and lessons. Our ninja will get less clumsy the more training he receives.

Clumsy Ninja MOD APK 1

And as you assist our ninja in his quest to find a long-lost friend, it’s time for you to take on the real hurdles as our ninja gradually gains the ability to execute his job. Explore many lands throughout the realm, face various difficulties, and more.

Clumsy Ninja will introduce players to a significantly more responsive and involved gameplay experience than the majority of other mobile games. Play around with your clumsy ninja as you expose him to a range of “fun” things. It’s similar to a different My Talking Tom game, but this time, you’ll accompany a ninja on his extraordinary journey.

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Clumsy Ninja MOD APK Features

Increase your ninja’s level to get fun bonuses

Your ninja will also accrue experience points as you accomplish the training and tasks, which may be utilized to level him up. Put in a lot of effort and guide your clumsy ninja through a series of challenging drills. Your ninja may level up and get new abilities as he gains experience. Not to add that your ninja will become less clumsy as levels rise.

Several Interactive Items

The game includes a range of different items that your ninja can interact with to help you with your training. This includes punching bags, trampolines, balloons, and even a chicken or a squirrel. With Clumsy’s more than 70 unique items, players will have a great time while successfully training their ninjas.

Explore Original Quests

Explore the original quests in Clumsy Ninja. And after enough practice, your ninja will be prepared to set off on his own adventure. He must first locate Kira, a long-lost buddy and the object of his teenage crush. In Clumsy Ninja, you’ll explore a wide universe, encounter new people and places, and get access to a wealth of additional engaging activities.

Clumsy Ninja MOD APK 2

Feel free to Communicate

Feel free to communicate with your ninja using the easy controls. Android players will get the option to enjoy a completely new level of interactive gameplay with Clumsy Ninja. Your ninja can do almost anything in this situation, but he also fails at most the things.

In spite of this, the game offers a variety of controls that let you pick up your ninja, fling him around using touch and drag, or even hit him incredibly hard with your tapping punches. Nevertheless, playing with your Clumsy Ninja will be a lot of fun.

Customize Your Character

Make your character exactly as you want it to be. Feel free to use any and all clothes, belts, headbands, and other accessories you come across to create a unique and interesting ninja character. Changing up your looks and wearing a variety of outfits with diverse themes will make you look much better.

Intriguing Moments

With your ninja, capture intriguing moments. The game introduces players to wild ninja tricks that you can perform thanks to the interactive and responsive mechanics. Not to mention that you will get access to a wide range of training tools. Therefore, feel free to plan any prank you can think of and have it professionally recorded so you can share it with friends or store it as a memory.

Have Fun With Buddies

Play the game and have fun with your online buddies. Speaking of which, Clumsy Ninja also offers online gameplay, allowing players to participate in the ultimate ninja training challenge with friends and other online players from across the globe. You may find your social friends who are also playing this game by simply logging into your social media account and connecting the two.

Experience with the EUPHORIA

First-hand experience with the EUPHORIA simulation technology. Additionally, Clumsy Ninja is the first Android game to use the cutting-edge EUPHORIA simulation technology. In comparison to existing simulator games, the unique and innovative technologies will ensure a gameplay experience that is considerably more immersive. Because of this, you’ll find that your characters and the setting are incredibly responsive and relatable.

Finish the Mission

Sensei can ask players to take part in lengthy missions in Clumsy Ninja. The option of skipping the cost of two gems will assist you in completing those that are challenging. GameDVA does not believe it is a wise decision, but it is still more fun to find creative solutions to solve problems than to pay for them. With its interactive Ninja control system, Clumsy Ninja offers gamers a variety of breathtaking experiences.

Level-Based Item Systems

Clumsy Ninja includes a wide variety of things, but in order to utilize them all, you must meet the game’s requirements for levels. There are many things available here, including training, which is an item option for beginning players. You can explore Costumes, First Jumper, Spring Morning, Bouncer, and many other lovely titles. You have infinite coins and gems in the Clumsy Ninja MOD to spend whatever you like. Allow your Ninja to boast about owning the most expensive authentic stuff to his buddies.

Level up and Continually Gain Belt to Become a Master

By looking at your belt, you can determine if you are better. Your instructor will assign you test and practice questions at the conclusion of each class. If you pass the test, you will be promoted to a new level and given a new colored belt. Use the abilities you’ve mastered against assassins and assassins. It will be a big step forward for you to pass the beginner’s lesson swiftly if you improve your weapon skills. Aim for the highest color belt to demonstrate your mastery and ability to practice outside.

In Clumsy Ninja, training sessions can be attended whenever, wherever, and immediately following skill learning. It might be on the rooftop, in the practice garden, etc. Additionally, travel the planet and embark on several adventure trips to pick up new skills. I get to meet a lot of people and take in a lot of the game’s events and stories along the way. Together with your gaming ally, the ninja, create a lot of wonderful moments. With your increased motivation to study and practice, becoming a master ninja won’t be that far off in the future!

Clumsy Ninja MOD APK 3

A Game that’s Fun to Play

To truly become a Ninja, your character will need to undergo numerous training sessions, have an iron will, and be resilient. You can learn and practice a variety of ninja techniques with the help of Clumsy Ninja. Then you’ll have to engage in physical contact with him, perhaps by hitting, throwing, or even hurling. After completing the assignment, the player will receive XP points that they can use to level up and access harder training challenges.

70+ Various Training Resources

There are 70 various training Resources to help your Ninja acquire new knowledge and abilities. Over 70 different pieces of equipment, including sandbags, dolls, watermelons, and even spring mattresses for jumping in the air, are included in Clumsy Ninja so you may interact with your warrior.

Simple to Communicate with Your Warrior

Each item has a unique set of features and teaches your ninja a different lesson. For instance, sandbags can help ninjas strengthen their fighting skills and power, dolls can help them experience combat more realistically, and watermelons can help them enhance their reflexes. The challenge’s difficulty will steadily increase as you finish the earlier tasks.

Several Unique Weapons

There are several unique weapons for the fighter. In addition to the tools that help gamers interact with and develop their ninjas. The combatant in Clumsy Ninja is outfitted with a range of unusual weapons and accessories, as well as vibrant and interesting clothing. If the ninja sports a stylish cap and stylish spectacles, he will appear much cooler. You must pay a fair amount of money in order to get them because you cannot get them for free.

Player Reviews

Players Reviews

• I love this game and similar to others, it is very nostalgic to me; I loved playing it when I was 10-12 and got pretty far into the story. I decided to reinstall it only to find that the progress you make resets whenever you close and reopen the app. You have to go back through the tutorial, and back through any other levels, you had beaten previously. Perfect game aside from this, and would love it if y’all would fix it!!

• It’s an amazing game; whacky, loveable, and hilarious. My only problem, and the reason why I gave it 4 stars, is that whenever I get out of the game and go back into it half a minute later the game resets and I have to start ALLLL over! And when I say start over, I mean starting over to level 1! I was at level 10 and it did it again!! Please fix this…

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How to Install Clumsy NinjaMOD APK on Android?

First of all, make sure to delete any previous version of this game installed on your device. Then, go to settings, click on security, and then click on Enable The Unknown Sources(just in case the installation doesn’t start).

The mod APK file for this app is very easy to install. Here are a few steps to install this app on Android devices.

Enable Unknown Sources

  1. Click on the download button below to download.
  2. Wait until the download completes, then open it
  3. Install the app on your android device.
  4. Follow all the instructions given inside.
  5. Once it is properly installed, start, and enjoy the amazing features of this fantastic app.

How to Install Clumsy Ninja MOD APK on PC?


It’s very easy to Install Clumsy Ninja MOD APK on a PC. You can either use Bluestacks or NOX player to do so. Here is the method.
1. First of all you will have to download and install the Bluestacks player into your pc, which is an android emulator and used to run any mobile application on pc.
2. After installing the emulator you will have to download the mod APK from our site.
3. After downloading you need to execute the file or click on “Import From Windows” for installation purposes.
4. After installation click on the launch button and you are good to go.

How To Install Clumsy Ninja MOD APK file On Mac?

Installing Clumsy Ninja MOD APK on Mac is almost the same as a personal computer, one has to install an android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox player first which is easy to do. It is very easy, Follow the following steps to get it.

  • Download an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox player (whatever one prefers) from their official website.
  • Install the Emulator by following on-screen commands.
  • Download the Clumsy Ninja MOD APK file following the above download instructions.
  • Go to your file location on your PC. Right-click and choose “Open with Bluestacks or Nox player”.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions for installing the android app on your Mac OS device. Installing Clumsy Ninja MOD APK on Mac OS will take a few minutes.
  • The installation will start. Once it’s over, you will be notified through an official notification. Click and create a shortcut on the desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clumsy Ninja

What is Clumsy Ninja’s real name?

The ninja you must develop in the game is Brad Clumsy. With him, you can play, dress up, and train. He plays with Kira awkwardly at first (in fact, that is his name), but he improves with time as you coach him using your training tools.

Who is Kira in Clumsy Ninja?

In the game, Kira is Lily’s sister and one of Sensei’s pupils. She is missing throughout most of the game, and your quest for her is required. However, she does show up at level 52. See Book for the Kira book.


We hope that you’ll like this comprehensive article about this game and also, you’ll enjoy playing the game from our site. Comment on your queries.