First Strike MOD APK v4.11.1 Download 2023 [Fully Unlocked]

First Strike MOD APK Overview

First Strike Mod Apk is a strategic nuclear war simulation game developed by Blindflug Studios. Set in a world on the brink of a nuclear conflict, the game challenges players to assume the role of a nation’s leader and make critical decisions to ensure the survival of their people.

In First Strike, players can choose from a range of nations, each with unique strengths and capabilities. The objective is to strategically deploy and manage nuclear weapons, diplomatic relationships, and defensive systems to protect their territory while simultaneously launching devastating attacks against enemy nations.

The gameplay revolves around a turn-based system, where players must carefully plan their moves, balancing aggression with diplomacy and defence. They can research and develop new technologies to enhance their nuclear arsenal, expand their territory, and increase their nation’s resilience against enemy attacks.

The game offers a variety of strategies to pursue, allowing players to engage in defensive tactics by building robust missile defence systems or take a more aggressive approach by launching preemptive strikes against their adversaries. Each decision has consequences, as the use of nuclear weapons may escalate the conflict and trigger devastating retaliatory strikes.

First Strike features a sleek and minimalist visual style, emphasizing the gravity and tension of the global nuclear standoff. The intuitive user interface makes it accessible to both casual players and strategy enthusiasts.

With its thought-provoking gameplay and strategic depth, First Strike offers a unique experience that explores the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding nuclear warfare. It challenges players to consider the implications of their actions while navigating the treacherous landscape of international politics and military strategy.

Information About First Strike MOD APK

App Name First Strike MOD APK
Latest Version
Size 113 MB
Developed By Blindflug Studios AG
Platform Android
Requirement 5.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads 5 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlocked Weapons / Superpowers / Countries
Updated 2 days ago
Category Strategy

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First Strike MOD APK Features

Choosing a Superpower to Control

When starting in First Strike: Classic, it’s crucial to determine your objectives. Select a powerful nation that can lead you to victory in challenging battles. The initial decision plays a vital role in establishing your reputation among the world’s military leaders. Opting for one of the 12 countries, such as the US or Russia, is equally important.

Diverse Game Modes

Engaging in different game modes allows for varied experiences. First Strike presents specific rules for each mode. For instance, only the capitals of designated countries can be destroyed, and you can gradually expand your influence over neighbouring nations.

The Destructive Weapons Mode allows for increasingly substantial destruction over time. Each mode has two limitations and one advantage, introducing exciting challenges and testing your abilities as a dictator.

Choose the Right Country

If you follow global news, you are likely aware of nuclear weapons in powerful nations like the US, Russia, North Korea, Japan, China, and others. In First Strike, players start by selecting a suitable country to develop nuclear weapons.

Regardless of the country chosen, the objective is to build atomic bombs, missiles, and nuclear weapons. Use these weapons strategically to defeat other countries while safeguarding your own people against counterattacks. Additionally, be prepared for potential threats from space, such as meteorites.

Join the Battle with Multiple Opponents

First Strike offers multiplayer capabilities, allowing players to engage in real-time battles with up to nine opponents worldwide. These opponents represent formidable defence powers, so even a small mistake can have severe consequences. The game interface displays a simulated model of the Earth, where you can showcase your tactical skills to quickly defeat opponents. Form alliances with other players to fight against common enemies, and sign peace treaties with allies to maintain diplomatic stability.

Greeting the Emergence of New Nuclear Superpowers

In the updated version of First Strike, players can now control newly introduced nuclear superpower nations. Each nation possesses unique advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. Will you choose to rule Wittyland, known for its diplomatic skill and resourcefulness, or opt for the bold and formidable approach of Boomtown, capable of shaking any opponent to its core? The choice is yours, and it affects the overall strategic experience, regardless of the nation you control.

Enjoy the Exciting RTS Game

First Strike incorporates real-time strategy (RTS) elements, making the gameplay dynamic and enjoyable. Players must make decisions in real time while considering various factors. The ever-changing map of geopolitical powers and rapid nuclear escalations provide an engaging experience for leaders and nations alike.

Multiple Superpowers to Play With

First Strike allows Android gamers to control various nations, including the United States, Russia, China, India, Western Europe, North Korea, Israel, Kazakhstan, and more. Each nation possesses unique traits and attributes, offering distinct tactical gameplay experiences. The diversity in starting positions, enemy numbers, power levels, difficulty settings, and other traits enhances the game’s dynamism, unpredictability, and fun.

Setting Up Unique Strategies for War

First Strike is a fast-paced strategy game that demands sharp thinking and the development of effective strategies. While war is an integral part of the game, it is crucial to minimize civilian casualties. As the leader of a powerful nation, your unique decisions determine the fate of your country. Employ smart strategies to thrive.

Upgrade Needed

To succeed, focus on incremental development. Strengthen your military power by expanding your arsenal and conquering other countries. Maintain production operations to support defense costs. Investing in your home country’s economy is also essential. Choose between cooperation and rivalry with other nations, and forge your path with the First Strike mod.

Deploy Tactics Quickly

Compared to the first part, First Strike features an upgraded AI system that allows players to deploy tactics swiftly. Your actions are crucial in destroying the opponent’s country. Continuously improve your weapons and devise effective tactics to establish global dominance.

Beautiful 3D Graphics

First Strike boasts a visually appealing 3D graphics platform that simplifies details, making it accessible to a wider audience. The attack effects of nuclear weapons are visually striking, accompanied by modern icons and a diverse sound system that enhances the immersive experience.

Let Loose on the World Some New and Terrifying Superweapons

First Strike offers an impressive array of destructive tools. The updated version introduces brand-new superweapons that instil fear in opponents. From the mind-blowing Quantum Missile to the catastrophic Black Hole Bomb, these game-changing weapons can turn the tide of battle instantly. However, using such powerful weapons carries risks and consequences. Preventing unintended catastrophic chain reactions is crucial for your nation’s future.

Have Fun Playing the Negotiation Game

First Strike’s realistic and dynamic negotiation mechanics make diplomacy interactions enjoyable. Engage in negotiations with other nations to establish alliances, trade resources, or discuss terms. Utilize this feature to reduce the number of enemies and receive assistance from other nations in your battles.

Extend Your Powers by Conquering Neighboring Nations

Enjoy the exciting conquest gameplay in First Strike, where you can expand your nation by absorbing neighboring countries. Negotiate peacefully or engage in military actions to obtain their territories. Allied territories are also counted as your own, further enhancing your power.


In First Strike, players can engage in competitive battles without assistance, similar to first-person shooter games. The game’s chat feature facilitates communication with other players. Additionally, solo play is available, with the goal of expanding power and eliminating opponents. The last player standing wins. Strive to survive and protect the world you’ve built, denying others a chance to destroy it.


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Frequently Asked Questions About First Strike MOD APK

What is the benefit of first strike?

By focusing on the enemy’s nuclear stores and launch facilities, a successful first strike would disable hostile missiles that are prepared to launch and stop the opponent from preparing others for a counterstrike.

Does first strike work with true damage?

Spells that inflict no damage will cause First Strike to be activated. Upon activation, First Strike enters a cooldown period. First Strike’s added damage will also apply to the damage that causes it.

How do you unlock other countries in first strike?

THE FREE VERSION IS: By joining the Nuclear Club or paying for the country you desire up front, you can access the other superpowers. Are there any single-player modifiers?

Do you get priority after first strike?

First Strike damage does not cause any abilities to be triggered until all other damage has been dealt with. After first strike damage is inflicted but before we go to the standard combat damage process, players receive precedence. This implies that we can play skills and cast instants.

Does First Strike hit twice?

Yes. When a creature uses double strike, it deals damage twice—once during the normal damage phase and again as if it had used first strike. This implies that whenever a creature, player, or planeswalker is attacked, they take twice as much damage as the creature’s strength.