Jackal Squad MOD APK v0.0.1502 Download 2023 [Unlimited Money]

Jackal Squad MOD APK Overview

Jackal Squad Mod Apk is an exhilarating and immersive multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game set in a dystopian near-future. Developed by a renowned studio, this highly anticipated title combines intense combat, tactical teamwork, and cutting-edge technology to deliver an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience.

In Jackal Squad, players assume the role of elite mercenaries known as the Jackals. As a member of this specialized squad, your objective is to complete a series of high-stakes missions across a variety of global locations, from war-torn cities to remote jungles and sprawling industrial complexes. Each mission presents unique challenges and objectives, requiring strategic coordination and skilful execution.

The game offers a robust multiplayer mode, where players can team up with friends or join forces with other online players to form cohesive squads. Communication and collaboration are key as you work together to outmanoeuvre and outgun your opponents. With a wide array of customizable weapons, gear, and abilities, players can tailor their load-outs to suit their playstyle and contribute to the squad’s overall success.

The stunning graphics and immersive sound design of Jackal Squad elevate the gameplay experience, bringing the game’s gritty and realistic world to life. Whether it’s engaging in pulse-pounding firefights, executing stealthy takedowns, or navigating treacherous environments, the game offers a seamless blend of action, strategy, and teamwork.

Jackal Squad promises to be a standout FPS title, providing hours of thrilling gameplay and intense multiplayer battles. With its polished mechanics, immersive atmosphere, and dedicated player community, the game aims to become a staple in the genre, offering an unforgettable gaming experience for FPS enthusiasts and tactical shooter fans alike.

Information About Jackal Squad MOD APK

App Name Jackal Squad MOD APK
Latest Version
Size 150 MB
Platform Android
Requirement 5.1 and up
Worldwide Downloads 5 Million+
Root Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Money / Damage / God Mode / Menu
Updated 2 days ago
Category Arcade

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Jackal Squad MOD APK Features

Choice At The Base Of Support

To enhance player enjoyment and excitement, the manufacturer has taken Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting in a historical direction rather than a modern fighting style. With a World War II setting, it provides a better understanding of unfamiliar elements. The fascist forces have launched an attack on the allies, and your mission is to eliminate them. The Jackal team, consisting of highly trained soldiers, including yourself, has been assembled by the Allies.

I opted to travel by car for convenience in both offence and defence. A powerful army with a fierce fighting spirit will be driving a Jeep to launch attacks on the enemy base. This Jeep is equipped with various weapons and armour systems to withstand bombs and bullets. In addition to eliminating enemy troops, your task is to rescue hostages and trapped individuals.

Swift And Skillful Movement On The Battlefield

Each battlefield in Jackal Squad has a unique layout that players can only discover by entering the match. The game provides a mini-map to easily determine the direction. You must control the tank and enter the most intense combat area to pave the way. The prisoners you aim to rescue are confined inside cells.

Tasks are carried out based on a general plan. Finding the prison quickly shortens the time and distance. The game requires fast movement speed and strength in confrontations. You can control movement by dragging and dropping your finger on the touch screen, and the vehicle will follow your instructions.

Familiar Scenes

The game’s context is similar to other games in the same genre. You will be transported to vast battlefields, locations devastated by wars between world empires. The inhabitants have been evacuated to ensure their safety.

In the game, you become a member of an elite group of soldiers resisting fierce enemy attacks. Your objective is to drive the jackal jeep into the enemy base and eliminate them all to complete the mission.

Simple One-touch Operation

Jackal Squad features a simple style, resulting in uncomplicated gameplay. Players control both characters simultaneously with the legendary jackal Jeep. The jeep serves as the main weapon to defeat all enemies throughout the map. To navigate the jeep, simply touch the left or right side of the screen. When approaching a target, the jeep will automatically fire bullets at the closest enemy.

Classic Finger-pick-playing Style

Jackal Squad Arcade Shooting incorporates some new gameplay elements while still captivating players’ attention. You must drive a courageous jeep through enemy territory, eliminating enemy soldiers and freeing captive teammates. Destroy electric gates, defeat all enemies, and maintain your health by evading incoming attacks. Employ your dexterity to defeat opponents.

Give The Jeep A New Engine

As you face the enemy, you will encounter over 100 distinct levels. The enemy base becomes more durable, and stronger enemies appear repeatedly. To overcome them, continuously upgrade your vehicle. Invest in armour or weapons to accelerate the Jeep’s performance. Strengthen its resistance through armour upgrades and increase damage with weapon enhancements. More enemies mean more bullets and more significant impacts.

Quick And Efficient Combat Through Auto-attack

On each battlefield, your task is to manoeuvre the jeep to various locations. The vehicle automatically fires its weapons at structures and hostile individuals, destroying buildings and eliminating enemies. The jeep’s targeting system prioritizes the nearest targets.

You must attentively observe your target during attacks, as your opponent may counterattack and damage or destroy your vehicle, resulting in a loss. Ensure you survey the entire base to not miss any remaining structures or enemies. Rescue all prisoners and safely transport them to the plane.

Convenient Auto-attack

Your role is to control the jeep as it moves across the battlefield. The vehicle automatically fires its weapons to destroy buildings and enemies. The aiming system prioritizes targets closest to the jeep. While attacking, you must avoid enemy counterattacks.

If the jeep is hit by bullets, it will sustain damage and be destroyed, resulting in a loss. Observe the entire base to ensure no buildings or enemies are overlooked. Rescue all prisoners and transport them safely to the plane. Aim for excellence in your performance.

Varying Levels

The difficulty of Jackal Squad increases with each level. To complete the game, you must pass over 100 levels, each presenting unique challenges. The level of difficulty is determined by the number of enemies and buildings. Prisoners are held in deeper parts of the base.

Higher-level enemies are equipped with modern weapons, making it easier to fail if you are careless. Play offline or online at any time, as Jackal Squad meets both conditions. If you find a level too challenging, connect with friends and compete together.

Explore Multiple Battlefield Maps

As you progress, the game takes you to various battlefields, such as hot deserts, vast jungles, or dangerous military bases. Each battlefield features distinct terrain and obstacles, providing new challenges. The enemy system becomes increasingly diverse with higher levels. This is your opportunity to encounter numerous wartime weapons, vehicles, and forces.

Impressive Retro Pixel Style

In addition to its classic gameplay, Jackal Squad features pixelated graphics that evoke nostalgic memories of retro games. This design style contributes to the detailed depiction of each image on the battlefield. The weapons, vehicles, and war facilities are realistically portrayed. The intense shooting and explosive effects add to the war’s excitement, allowing you to experience the true heat of a world war.

Challenges In Mastering Skills

Attacking while sitting on a moving vehicle is difficult and disadvantageous, but not impossible if you possess the skill. Although your Jeep has an automatic attack system, skilful control is still necessary. The game combines attacking and moving, keeping the car in a constant state of motion and combat.

Do you feel confident in taking on this noble yet perilous responsibility? The answer lies within you. Warriors don’t succumb to challenges; instead, they practice fighting skills and employ ingenuity to avoid unfavourable situations.

Achieve Number One Through Mission Completion

After players successfully pave the way, Jackal Squad arranges support from an airborne fleet. These rescue planes allow prisoners to escape to safety. Players must protect the surrounding area for a smooth process. Unlocking new skills solves this issue.

Your tank is equipped with guns capable of firing several rounds, with each batch containing dozens of bullets. In each arena, you’ll encounter different terrain structures. Crossing a bridge leads to a new location. With over 100 levels, there are thousands of prisoners to rescue.

Two Exciting Game Modes

The game features global player rankings, providing additional motivation to strive for the top and become one of the best players. Additionally, Jackal Squad allows players to enjoy endless fun with others through online multiplayer mode. Alternatively, experience offline play anywhere, anytime, and climb the rankings to earn the admiration of your friends.

Vibrant Retro Graphics

Jackal Squad boasts quality graphics that, despite not being overly detailed, captivate players from the first moment. The game employs retro graphics, which enhance the beauty and appeal of the in-game visuals. The details are designed in a familiar cartoon style, making the game suitable for players of all ages.

The sound element is crucial for the success of a mobile game, and Jackal Squad delivers. Its high-quality sound system creates an exhilarating atmosphere, preventing boredom during prolonged gameplay. Each player’s action produces distinct sounds, fostering excitement throughout your gaming experience.

Extensive Weapon Upgrades

Faster speed necessitates increased attack capabilities. To achieve this, you must upgrade your Jeep. Use the money collected from rescues to enhance the Jeep’s weapons. Upgrades result in slight changes to its size and appearance, as well as completely altering the power and shape of the fired bullets.

Inflict more substantial damage and improve stats such as health, armour, and speed. Upgrades become more expensive as you progress to higher levels. However, the enhanced damage and resistance are well worth the investment. Push forward to the enemy headquarters, ensuring the successful rescue of all prisoners held captive.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jackal Squad MOD APK

What happened to the Jackal squad?

Eventually, the defence of Eggman’s facility in Mystic Jungle was given to the Jackal Squad. However, Shadow the Hedgehog, who had come to destroy the facility, entirely wiped off the majority of the members.

What are the names of the Jackal squad?

The line artist for the official Sonic Forces digital comics, Adam Bryce Thomas, reportedly accepted the names Uno, Deux, Quatre, and Trois for four members of the Jackal Squad while naming the two silhouetted characters Cinq and Sei.